We recently received this comment regarding our video covering the Town’s ‘Community Forum on OHVs’. Our response to the community on these important questions follows.

Viewer email:

So, Spikey, is a recall in order? Is it even possible to recall-impeach this crap-weasel mayor and Mr. Edwards and the ruling class below those two?

Or is it already a case of the handwriting is on the wall, and

you can kiss old Silverton goodbye and embrace the new one or move away, the question then is move to WHERE?

Our police force, such that it is sort of just threw up their hands and let it go hog wild last summer, and the ATV crowd rejoiced and cruised everywhere with glee.

What and how are we to do that [which] will correct this run-away horse at this point? It looks to us like a small sampling of the […] circus and elite crew… power rules the day.*

*(Note: edited only to improve readability and maintain anonymity of the sender.)

Porcupine’s Response:

Wish we had some uplifting news, but the fact is, history portends a grim future for Silverton and San Juan County.

Mankind has a long history of soiling its own nest and then moving on. This worked for America until we ran out of land after hitting the Pacific Ocean.

You may recall that the Porcupine previously discussed a study done in 1965 highlighting that high school IQ test scores were falling one point a year. That was a long time ago, and we think it fair to extrapolate that many Americans today are little more than functioning idiots and morons. You don’t have to look far to see this confirmed.

It was truly disappointing to see so many subjects at the recent Community Forum on OHVs speak as if they actually believed their fearless leaders wanted to hear from them. As Mark Twain said: “It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled.”

The problem is further compounded in Silverton and San Juan Juan County where approximately 80% of income earners now rely upon government payments directly or indirectly for their daily bread.

What would or could this group do if forced to actually provide for themselves? (Excuse me for a moment while I check to see if my latest Stimmy Check has arrived.)

Fact is, most folks have little choice but to herd together like the mask wearing sheeple they are. Baaah, baaah.

With property values at all time highs, interest rates near record lows and a strong seller’s market, property owners must question the value of remaining while our town and county circle the drain.

OHVs are for sure a serious problem, but the fact is, we humans remain our own worst enemy.