The Porcupine believes few in Silverton or San Juan County truly understand local government finances.

Despite us living at a time when powerful, affordable software programs make it easier than ever to perform accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting and fraud detection functions, we’re using programs that make it easy for those who want to run scams and pilfer from the public coffers, while making it difficult for citizens and even auditors to discover corruption.

Today, government consumes a whopping 57% of all economic output in the United States.

In Silverton and San Juan County, it’s even worse, standing at around 80%.

This has not only severely retarded local economic development, but actually presents an even greater danger.

Students of economics have long been taught that when government consumes more than 20% of GDP, it crowds out private investment and becomes a serious drag upon the economy.

Should the United States suffer a significant economic downturn, up to 80% of local wage earners could be thrown out of work, losing their incomes, and potentially be forced to move away, leaving those remaining with a mountain of unpayable liabilities.

What are the chances of this actually happening?

‘Wave Theory’ teaches that economic depressions occur in the United States about every 80 to 90 years. The last panic occurred in 1929, and resulted in The Great Depression.

This means we can expect the next financial panic to arrive at any time.

Many believe the next financial crisis actually began in September 2019, when panic ensued in overnight Repo Markets, requiring Federal Reserve bailouts of $250 billion per night in money conjured from thin air.

Some ‘conspiracy theorists’ believe that Covid-19 was introduced shortly thereafter in order to shift blame from international bankers to an unforeseeable, uncontrollable virus from China.

Many top medical practitioners, scientists and researchers have published peer reviewed papers articulating that the Covid represents nothing more than various strains of the seasonal flu, created under government contract at the University of North Carolina’s facility at Chapel Hill.

Today, we’re spending trillions, instead of hundreds of billions, and our economy has literally been taken over by agencies like FEMA, Homeland Security, etc.

Look no further than Silverton and San Juan County to see the destruction this has wrought.

Two bureaucratic functionaries, Becky Joyce and Jim Donovan, have essentially taken over every facet of life here in Silverton and San Juan County.

There is a time tested saying: If it’s not sustainable, it will not be sustained.

Right now, 42% of federal government spending is recovered through tax collections. This means 58% of every dollar the government spends comes from money created out of thin air by the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system run by international bankers, that then loans this money to the United States Treasury Department at interest.

If there was ever an unsustainable Ponzi scheme, this is it!

It wasn’t that long ago that United States currency was backed by physical silver and gold. That’s right, you could show up at any Federal Reserve Bank window and exchange your paper currency for silver or gold.

President Richard Nixon declared a temporary emergency in 1971, ending such convertibility.

Fifty years later, this Temporary Emergency remains in place.

Ask yourself, ‘what is the difference today between a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill? Both require the same amount of paper and ink, but one claims to be worth one hundred times more than the other.

Fact is, the only difference is Your continuing belief that the one is worth a hundred times more.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble understanding that the dollar’s position is precarious, and it wouldn’t take much to set off a panic that might not be able to be contained by printing yet more worthless currency.

This helps explain why preventing and controlling panics has become a full time job for government. Today, everything is an Emergency, and it’s all about Emergency Management.

Do you understand why government agencies like Homeland Security have purchased billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition?

Have you seen the new barricades set up around our nation’s capital?

That’s right, your government is afraid of you, and what you might do to them should you discover what they have been up to.

It’s just human nature for people to ‘vote their pocketbook’. They won’t vote or support positions that take money out of their pocket, end their job, or endanger their income.

With approximately 80% of locals now dependent upon government largess, this puts us in a difficult position.

Most voters are making decisions based not on what’s sustainable, not on what’s good for the long term, not on what’s good for their children, but rather what’s going to protect their immediate source of income.

Make the wrong choice and you could be out of a job, and let’s face it, there are only so many non-governmental jobs in San Juan County.

We’re now seeing absolutely idiotic discussions take place as part of what’s become normal ‘government speak’. Building ‘Parklets’, Bump-Outs and and other such nonsense makes absolutely no sense regardless of your perspective, and yet not one of our Trustees, Commissioners or even our Mayor will question Becky Joyce or Jim Donovan. Why do you think this is?

The Porcupine works for You, Silverton and San Juan County.