Silverton Town Attorney Paul Kosnik has disappeared following the Town’s EXPLOSIVE February 8th Board of Trustees Meeting.

Instead of now openly discussing the issue, the Town has once again chosen to go dark, feeding yet more fresh meat to an already overburdened rumour mill.

A Special Board of Trustees Meeting was hastily called for Tuesday, February 16, and only near the very end of that meeting was it even mentioned that the Town was seeking ‘Legal Representation’. There was no mention of Attorney Paul Kosnik or reasons behind his sudden departure.

Zoom on the Chopping Block

Earlier, Trustee Molly Barela had opined (listen here at 1:17:40) that the reason for the Town’s current Dysfunction could be traced to Zoom and that this could be corrected by returning to ‘in person’ meetings.

It is understood by the Porcupine that jettisoning Zoom is more than just an attempt to improve governance, rather this was a ‘trial balloon’ launched to acquaint townies with the fact that meetings will soon be confined only to those physically present and that anyone unable to attend in person due to disability, ill health, infirmity, etc. will be left out in the cold.

Given the Mayor and Trustees extreme dysfunction, it can easily be understood why this sudden penchant to end open meetings has so quickly gained momentum.

Such a move would of course be a serious violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and all but guaranteed to land the Town, Trustees and other involved officials in Federal Court.

More Mystery

More mystery was added to this already bubbling cauldron on Thursday, February 18th when the Standard and Miner’s lead article: ‘Town Board Discusses Process for Administrator Search’ once again sought to bury any mention of Town Attorney Kosnik’s departure.

Not only was Kosnik not mentioned, but ‘the following’ innocuous sentence was buried near the end of the article: ‘’Tuesday’s meeting also covered how to look for new legal representation as the attorney will no longer be working with Silverton.’

NDA at Work behind the Scene?

The Porcupine has previously mentioned that with the coming of Becky Joyce and Jim Donovan it seems our community has become one big Emergency.

There’s an old saying that we believe applies here in spades: ‘When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.’

Federal money has flowed into Silverton and San Juan County like manna from heaven, but as we have previously pointed out: ‘There is no such thing as a ‘Free Lunch’.

During the 1800’s, New York saloons enticed working men into their establishments by displaying a sandwich board out front saying ‘Free Lunch’.

Inside, a luncheon buffet featured breads, sausages, etc., and while it was indeed free, the drinks were not and consisted of cheap, often mislabelled, watered down booze. One way or another, you pay for everything in life.

Silverton and San Juan County Emergency Services feature the latest vehicles, graphics and equipment, most of which were acquired either free of charge or at severely discounted pricing via various federally funded programs. All officials had to do was sign on the dotted line, and sign they did, unfortunately without bothering to read the fine print.

It turns out that among the fine print were NDAs’ or Non Disclosure Agreements.

NDAs’ used to be extremely rare in America because they often conflict with individual First Amendment rights, but today they’re found everywhere. Most companies, including fast food joints won’t hire you unless you agree to sign one.

It seems reasonable that restaurants and other entities want to prevent you from disclosing their trade secrets, etc.

Unfortunately, like many things that at first seem perfectly reasonable, there is a dark side, and abuse is now the order of the day.

That fast food chain isn’t so much concerned about you stealing the formula to their secret sauce, as they are to make sure you don’t disclose their illegal acts or show vids of what really goes into their hamburger patties.

It’s no different with government. They don’t want you disclosing the evil they’re up to.

Did you know that even employees of ‘accu weather’ must sign NDAs?

Why would weather presenters have to give up their First Amendment rights? Is it because the government has been modifying the weather (geo-engineering) and they are afraid you’ll find out? Were recent winter weather events in Texas purposeful creations or just acts of God?

Why is it that not one Trustee or even the mayor questioned Becky Joyce or Jim Donovan regarding the cancelling of Skijoring and all other winter events while at the same time approving the Kids Ski Races? Were the parties prevented from doing so because they are under NDAs’?

Have Silverton/San Juan officials and staff sold our sovereignty and future down the river for cushy jobs, extravagant salaries and a few shiny baubles?

And what about Zoom? Did you know that Zoom has openly admitted in federal court to collecting personal data on everyone and every entity that uses its service, and that they share this information with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)?

Why didn’t your mayor or Trustees disclose this to the community prior to spending taxpayer money on their ‘Zoom Room’?

Why Did Town Attorney Kosnik Vanish?

Unless the Town or Attorney Kosnik fess up, we may never know for sure, but if you observe attorney Kosnik at the February 8th meeting, you may discover a few clues.

Kosnik has been under increasing pressure to represent the Town rather than individual officials since the Porcupine first showed its quills this past January.

The February 8th meeting became especially contentious near the end after Mr. Breed presented his bombshell public comment. Until that point, it is our opinion that both Kosnik and Judge Edwards, who are both Officers of the Court, had ‘plausible deniability’, that is, they could maintain they were not aware Town officials were holding parallel meetings via text messaging during Board meetings.

Following Mr. Breed’s public comment, such deniability could no longer be maintained, which meant, as officers of the court, they were duty bound to report this activity to proper authorities for investigation and possible prosecution.

When Kosnik asked Mayor Fuhrman if he wanted him (Kosnik) to answer Mr. Breed’s question, it became apparent he was attempting to prevent either the Mayor or Trustees from saying anything they might later regret. When Trustees stared into the headlights rather than deny employing illegal methods to conduct private meetings, it was all too apparent what had been going on.

It is our opinion that at his moment Kosnik knew it wouldn’t be long before the Mayor and Trustees did something really stupid and ended up in federal court, and he decided he didn’t want to end up there with them.