Things begin to heat up with yet another lengthy discussion about whether the Town should approve giving taxpayer money dedicated to Skijoring to self acclaimed, sometimes video producer John Oaks.

Since Becky Joyce and Jim Donovan didn’t approve the actual Skijoring event, purportedly because of the ongoing Covid Emergency that

has taken so many lives in our small community, the discussion has now shifted to spending this dedicated taxpayer money to produce a documentary showing the world what it would have been like had the actual event taken place.

Despite having a Town Administrator, Mayor, Trustees, Public Works Director, all kinds of committees and commissions and a whole host of other highly paid parasites, no one had any idea what was going on, or even what had gone on at previous meetings regarding this issue.

There was however plenty of talk about positive directions, excitement, energy, new beginnings and the joy of partnering to spend other people’s money.

Be sure and stay tuned for Part 4.