Affordable Housing is one of the latest buzzwords flying around Silverton and San Juan County… and have you noticed that recent documents published in the Standard and Miner describing how to qualify for welfare programs are now multilingual?

This is no accident or coincidence, but rather the groundwork being laid to make sure area taxpayers are primed to welcome the flurry of new diverse residents who will be cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, landscaping, doing laundry and nannying for wealthy elites who are taking over our small mountain community.

Elites know that existing residents are already plugged into the government welfare matrix and aren’t about to make themselves available for low paying menial work.

New arrivals on the other hand will not only be willing to work hard and on the cheap, but will do so without complaint for fear of being bounced off welfare and potentially being sent back home.

Since elites have no intention of paying a ‘living’ wage’, they also need taxpayers to pony up for subsidized (affordable) housing for their new arrivals. Affordable housing is just one of many real estate tools the rich use to increase their wealth while the middle class continues to get eviscerated.

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My grandfather was a real estate broker in one of our nation’s largest cities. He acquainted me with what today would be called a ‘conspiracy theory’, but, as you will see, it was very much a conspiracy fact.

Did you know that most convictions in federal court are for conspiracy rather than the actual commission of a crime?

Did you also know that it was the CIA that coined the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ in order to discredit and marginalize those calling out the Agency’s transgressions?… and who do you think has now created the terms ‘domestic terrorist’ (anyone who disagrees with you) and ‘anti-vaxer’?

I was fourteen when grandfather loaned a book to me on the ‘Concentric Circle of Real Estate’. He told me when I finished reading it he would show me around the city so I could see the plan in action.

The book described how elite movers and shakers divide cities into concentric circles, resembling a dartboard.

As cities grow in size, more and more circles are added at the outer edges. When the time is right to begin harvesting, an experienced agent is assigned to purchase one of the homes in the centre of the inner most circle.

After the deal closes, the agent leases the home on extremely favourable terms to a family of criminals, druggies and thieves.

It doesn’t take long for these new arrivals to frighten the hell out of longtime homeowners. The agent then walks the neighbourhood, talking with owners, explaining that while it’s unfortunate, the neighbourhood is changing and more undesirables could be expected. There was however ‘good news’. For the first few sellers, the agent could guarantee a quick sale at top dollar.

As more undesirables moved in, home owners got the agent’s card out from the back of the drawer and called to let him know they too were interested in selling.

The agent explained that word was spreading fast, but he could still do a deal, albeit at a lower price. The smart ones bit their tongues, took the deal and headed to the outer edges of the dartboard (the suburbs). Rinse and repeat a few times and you have a stampede of sellers desperate to get out at almost any price.

Grandfather drove me around neighbourhoods where forests of ‘For Sale’ signs littered lawns. Those who had waited too long couldn’t sell at any price and would eventually flee the now crime infested neighbourhoods, abandoning their homes to the tax man where vulture agents lurked, licking their chops.

The inner most circle, now a drug and crime infested slum, would eventually be cleared at taxpayer expense for economic redevelopment, paving the way for latté sipping yuppies. This process is repeatedly played out throughout the dartboard.

Today, this process is being played out in what are now government designated ‘Opportunity Zones’. If you overlay many of these areas with maps showing where recent riots have torched entire neighbourhoods of small businesses, you will discover a strange, eerie, almost perfect correlation.

As a CIA operative once explained: “In today’s world there are no accidents or coincidences”. It’s something you might want to think about.