In this Pt. 2 of Ep. 2, we continue our analysis of the February 1, 2021 Silverton Trustees Special Meeting where no disclosure nor representation of the citizens are anywhere to be found.

Where the money came from to approve payment of the $200,000 contractor overage bill and the truth behind the resignation of Town Administrator Reiter remain mysteries.

Trustee Wegert’s apparent dissatisfaction with lack of disclosure regarding reasons surrounding Administrator Reiter’s departure, and Trustee Barela’s anger with Mayor Fuhrman regarding his lack of interest in keeping her updated following the loss of her audio and visual continuity on Zoom, and what all this means to the Town, are discussed.

The Porcupine concludes by recommending several methods the Town can employ to cut down on waste of taxpayer money, improve government transparency and actually begin to perform their duties and truly serve the citizens of the Town of Silverton.

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