Have Becky Joyce, Silverton Mayor Pro Tem Sallie Barney and others joined forces to pull another fast one? It was announced in the January 21st Standard, first item (page 1, you can’t miss it):

However, just a few days later, at the January 25th Trustee’s Meeting, Sallie Barney openly discusses the ‘Kendall Race Series’ that was given the green light by ‘Jim and Becky’ and announced in this week’s Standard.

Here, listen for yourself:


After the devastating year long lockdown of the Silverton/San Juan business community, we certainly don’t begrudge the community having a good time, but seriously folks, there’s more going on here and something really stinks.

How does ‘All Winter Events Canceled’ turn into ‘Kendall Race Series’ for the kids and spectators now not only being allowed, but actually promoted?

Are these the same kids who have not been wearing masks or social distancing while Becky and her minions excoriated the rest of us for causing a huge spike in Covid cases?

Where are the masks and social distancing with these kids?

Is anyone paying attention to the photos in the old legacy newspaper evidencing such a double standard? Or is this just more proof that the covid hoax has nothing to do with an actual medical crisis, but rather a time tested economic agenda?

It’s time to begin cleaning house!

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