The Porcupine has only been around a short while, but it appears we are beginning to see the first rays of sunshine… the results of real journalistic competition.

Just one week ago the Standard and Miner prominently featured two articles with Becky Joyce shaming citizens for causing an alarming increase in Covid-19 cases.

Now, less than one week later, the Town has sent out an Alert that Covid cases are on the decline. That’s right, because we’ve all been such good Sheeple this past week, the tide has miraculously shifted and we’ve gone from looming disaster to nascent victory.

We expect we’ll now be seeing more good news going forward, starting with the Standard and Miner’s next edition, ‘that strict adherence to Becky Joyce edicts has, in less than one week, turned this dread disease, which has claimed so many lives in Silverton and San Juan County, around’. Who said there are no modern day miracles?

The Porcupine is not surprised. We’ve been expecting that when it came time to begin putting this Covid-19 scam to bed, government apparatchiks would do what they did in Vietnam, and it now appears we were right.

Despite almost fifteen years of fighting to solidify CIA drug trafficking hegemony in Southeast Asia, there was no doubt America was losing the war, and fast.

North Vietnamese regulars were rushing south at incredible speed and would soon overrun the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon, bringing victory to the North and an end to the war.

This would mark not only a stinging defeat for the United States but President Gerald Ford as well.

What could Ford possibly do to stop the horrific loses and at the same time save face?

He chose to employ a simple time tested strategy… He Declared Victory for the United States and began an immediate, massive withdrawal of remaining American Troops. After all, why would we need troops there since we’d won the war?

This now appears to be the strategy Silverton, San Juan County and Standard and Miner are taking, and we expect we’ll be seeing a continuing decline in reported Covid-19 cases and a slow but steady de-emphasis of scamdemic fear mongering.

The Covid-19 meme machine is beginning to fall apart worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of protesting Europeans are being met with water canons, rubber bullets, gas attacks and severe beatings.

Two European governments have collapsed in little over a week.

Mainstream media has so far been successfully suppressing this story, but that may not last, so it’s best to get out in front of this mess rather than wait until the last minute. Who knows what will happen when folks figure out they’ve been duped, their livelihoods and businesses destroyed and their economy deliberately crushed?