The 2021-01-07 edition of the Standard and Miner featured the story: Locally Operated Alaska Ski Area Shows Many Similarities to KMRA Plans’

This story was an obvious ‘puff piece’ designed to begin selling the Kendall Mountain Rec/Ski Area to local area taxpayers and unsuspecting investors.

Let’s take a closer look, starting with this short video highlighting the stark realities now facing ski areas nationwide.

The obvious question is… Why would KMRAMP be attempting to sell taxpayers and newbie investors this scheme when the ski industry is facing such difficult headwinds, especially when a fully built out ski area (Purgatory) already exists nearby?

Something is very wrong here. This thing stinks to high heaven and it’s time taxpayers begin asking elected officials some tough questions.

Next, lets take a look at some key elements taken directly from the Standard and Miner story that don’t pass the sniff test:

1. ‘It [Skeetawk] opened December 1st, 2020, after 40 years in the making’

Translation: Even after 40 years in the making this bunch can’t figure out how to make the project financially viable.

2. ‘This is what happens when a passionate group [Skeetawk] of people decides to build a ski area with the community in mind.’

Translation:passionate group’ is a code phrase for ’people who have no intention or ability to invest their own money’ and therefore will need constant infusions of Your hard earned taxpayer dollars.

3. ‘Skeetawk currently only has one lift, but has three lifts in the plans. It took the group of volunteers years to put the existing lift in place and it is only about 300 feet.’

Translation: It took this passionate group of 80 volunteers 40 years to build a 300 foot ski lift, so in about 4000 years they should have the rest of the lifts completed. What kind of nonsense is this and how did such drivel get published in the Standard and Miner?

4. ‘They also had a Board of Directors that helped make decisions similar to the KMRAMPC. However, their Board consists of 11 people and had 80 volunteers working alongside them. Now, Skeetawk has about 14 paid staff.’

Question: Where do they get the money for 14 paid Staff? They’re only open weekends and on school holidays. Looks like these folks could use some lessons in basic math.

5. ‘We were also able to use some funds from the Alaska Community Foundation for Coronavirus relief.’

Translation: So here’s where the money is coming from to open and pay those 14 employees. After 40 years in the making they must now rely on Coronavirus relief funds. Good thing Covid-19 just happened to come along in time. What a lifesaver!

We can only hope that more scamdemics will follow as needed for Kendall Mountain.

6. ‘A lot of them [Skeetawk boosters] are kids from the community and they are ‘super stoked’ about the ski area…’

Translation: We don’t allow children to drive, consume alcohol, vote or make important financial decisions. Kids are ‘stoked’ about a lot of stuff but that doesn’t make them responsible, discerning adults.

Shady promoters long ago learned to use kids, kittens and puppies to sell products that otherwise couldn’t be sold.

The Bottom Line:

The Kendall Mountain Rec/Ski Area project is indeed like the Skeetawk Ski Area… Neither makes even the slightest financial sense.

Counting on Covid-19 relief funding and other gimmicks is a one way ticket to the poor house for already strapped taxpayers. It’s time to put this boondoggle out to pasture!