As silver and gold booms faded into history, the Silverton Standard and Miner began a long struggle to reinvent itself. As many small town papers already know, it can be a long and dusty road.

The Standard and Miner’s current iteration appears to be playing lap dog to 501c3’s, 501c4’s, .Org’s, NGO’s, trusts, banksters, corporate parasites and hangers-on caught up in a mania of government sponsored grants and tax avoidance schemes promoting self-serving agendas dressed up as public benefit projects and programs.

This has worked so far, as the major portion of area employment and commerce now depend entirely on receiving regular injections of government largess in one form or another.

Bureaucrats, agencies, administrators, directors, boards, committees, panels, study groups, planners and other dodgy types have turned our once level headed citizenry into crazed Sheeple bedazzled by sparkling baubles emanating from our nation’s capital, dished out in multi-thousand page stimulus bills that are never even read by those voting them into law.

Our small Town and County now boast bureaucracies big enough to serve communities hundreds of times larger. A parasitic governing class has truly struck the Mother Lode, at least for now.

Coin clipping, metallic debasing and the printing of endless fiat currency have been tried thousands of times over thousands of years. Each attempt (no exceptions) has ended in failure and disaster.

Conjuring wealth from thin air by merely typing a few keystrokes is now heralded as the miracle of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). Fact is, this too will end painfully.

Grant writers, bureaucrats, self-styled experts and a plethora of little Hitlers with their rules, regulations, colour coded Covid dashboards and other nonsense will be forced to flee like rats from a sinking ship when this party ends. The rest of us will unfortunately be left to struggle under a crushed economy, a mountain of debt and usurious long term tax obligations.

We have been privileged to live at a time when unprecedented knowledge, information and opportunity are available to all who seek it; yet, we are witnessing greater sloth, ignorance, self indulgence, conformity and self-censorship than ever before.

Sheeple have always turned to those promising to keep them safe while they are led to the slaughter promised land.

Unfortunately, the Standard and Miner, along with Town and County apparatchiks have proven to be one trick ponies parroting a steady stream of Covid-19 fear porn and self congratulatory back slapping regarding the currently popular ‘Building Back Better’ meme.

Covid-19 has never been about medicine or science, but rather a plandemic of control and enslavement by ruling elite masters. Drive-by journalism, government/corporate propaganda, economic mayhem, face diapers, social distancing, fake data, mRNA modifying vaccines and other fashionable elitist narratives are the name of this game.

The Porcupine seeks to Disrupt such childish, cartoonist agendas by presenting firmly based opposing points of view. Make no mistake however, in a Constitutional Republic, citizens themselves are charged with the duty and responsibility to become and remain informed. ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’. Your future is, as always, up to YOU!

Best wishes on your journey through life!